WordPress Hack Repair and Virus Removal

Is your WordPress website hacked with malware or a virus? Our security experts will remove the malware or virus and secure your website.

If a hacked website is not repaired and secured quickly, it will leave more permanent scars on your site by damaging your SEO, your online reputation, or worse.

POMG WordPress Hack Repair, Virus Removal and Security analysis

• Scan of your website
• Report how bad the hack is
• Report how long it will take to repair your website
• Submit cost report to repair your website
• Offer options to prevent your website from being hacked again

How Our WordPress Malware Removal and Cleanup Works

Our website security experts thoroughly examine your site file by file. We find the cause and remove any malware or viruses and fix any known vulnerabilities on your site.

Then we upgrade your WordPress core files, database, plugins, and themes to the latest stable version. We can also monitor and address security issues on your website on an ongoing basis.

If the search engines are blocking your website, we take care of that for you as well.

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