Convert Website from HTTP to HTTPS

If you have a website on HTTP, Google will flag your website as “not secure” in Chrome, which started on October 2017. This flag will show your website as being not secure in the Chrome browser.

Google may even start to penalize HTTP website in search engine ranking. HTTPS websites will most likely rank higher then HTTP websites.

Progressive Online Media Group can help you convert your website, both old and new, into HTTPS.

We enjoy converting http websites to https because it gives long term value to your company’s online presence.

The steps needed to complete the HTTP to HTTPS conversion are:
Step 1. Get an SSL Certificate
Step 2. Activate SSL on your Website
Step 3. Redirect your old HTTP pages to the new HTTPS pages
Step 4. Have Google reindex all your website pages with the HTTPS version of your website and update Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Contact us to help you convert your HTTP website to HTTPS.